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Text Box: Our Products find application on various industries:-
Text Box: Dye & Chemical Industries
The advantage of dextrin in the dye industries is that it dilutes to standardized the dyes with respect to the range of color. Dextrin washes out quickly and easily and do not react with chemicals used in the process

Text Box: Textile Industries
Starch is used for sizing yarn to improve abrasion resistance in fast looms. Starch is used for finishing fabrics to add feel, stiffness or to provide a good printing surface. Thin-boiling starches are preferred.

Text Box: Foundry (casting) Industries
Starch is used as a core binder in castings (cast molds), sand casting binder & sintered metal additive

Text Box: Paper Industries
Thin-boiling starches are used as sizing on most paper. Cationic starches are used as wet-end additives improving filler retention and reducing effluent load. Starch is used for coating and AKD size formulation.

Text Box: Food Industries
Starch is a thickener and stabilizer in fruit pies, soups, puddings, breads, sauces, soya,  noodles and meat products. It can withstand long cooking times without breaking down.  Sauces made with corn starch turn spongy when they're frozen.

Text Box: Corrugation/ Pasting Industries
Native starch in mixture with pregelatinized starch is applied on top of the corrugated flute before lining. The native starch acts as an instant glue with good tack when heat is applied. Card board may be produced by gluing (pasting) liners together , core pipes & paper cones with a starch based glue which are normal water soluble.

Text Box: Construction Industry 
Concrete block binder, asbestos, clay/limestone binder, fire-resistant wallboard, plywood / chipboard adhesive, gypsum board binder paint filler, ad-mixer retarders.



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