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Introduction: -

Dextrins are prepared by heat treatment in presence of chemicals to suitably modify characteristics and properties of starch. They find application in dyes, adhesives, foundries, fire crackers, oil drilling and many other industries.


Description: -

Unlike starch dextrin are soluble in water. The severity of the treatment determines the degree of solubility ,which is the basis of classifying or grading dextrin. Finished dextrin are very fine powder varying in color from pure white to yellow to dark brown.


Specification: -




White Dextrin

Yellow Dextrin


White / Cream White

Yellow Powder

Moisture soluble

10 to 12

10 to 12


2.5 to 3.0

2.5 to 3.0

Acidity for 5gms using NaOH


3 to 4ml

Mesh size-pass through  85 mesh




50 to 60
















Adhesive Industries:

The Adhesives Industries uses large amount of yellow dextrin in the preparation of liquid and dry adhesives. Dextrin goes in to the solution instantly and with a lesser quantity of water, because of their greater adhesive strength and fluidity.


Dextrin is widely used in the manufacture of:-

Spiral convolute tubes.

Carbon paper manufacturing, abrasive and in dry distemper.

Machine labeling of tins /cartoon packages envelop corrugated boxes.

Also used by crackers manufacture due to adhesives properties & also explosive character

In Paper tubes and paper cones.

In book binding cartoon sealing cigarettes pasting match head and matchbox making.

As core binder in Refractory and foundry operations.


Chemical & Dyes Industries

The advantage of dextrin in the dye stuff industries are so well recognized that good many large scale manufactures have taken to using highly soluble dextrin as diluents to standardized the dyes with respect to the range of color. Dextrin washes out quickly and easily and do not react with chemicals used in the process



Yellow dextrin serves as an excellent binding agent for sand cores in foundry operations. It gives high green bond strength necessary for the mould to remain intact during handling.


Textile Industries

As dextrin do not easily react with chemicals, they are specifically suitable for application in the textile field. In Textile printing, they are used as thickener. Free of grit and other impurities, which usually accompany lower grade of starch, they ensure that the copper rolls (used in printing) do not suffer from abrasion. In sizing, they are used with starch to increase adhesiveness. In finishing, they give desired feel to the fabrics.


Color Industries

Dextrin is largely used in dry distemper. five to ten % of dextrin, mixed with chalk and pigment, acts as carrier and impact good adhesion of the color to the wall.



White & Yellow dextrin is available in 25-50Kgs. Plastic lined HDPE woven bags








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