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SHUBH CATMONO-1889 Cationic Monomer

SHUBH CATMONO-1889 is an aqueous solution of 3-chloro-2-hydroxypropyltrimethylammonium chloride. It is an effective cationic monomer used to modify natural and synthetic polymers to produce quaternary ammonium compounds with uses in the chemical processing, personal care products/cosmetics, pulp and paper, textiles and water management industries. Applications and contributions of SHUBH CATMONO-1889 include use in pH independent cationic starch for paper applications. It imparts antistatic properties, provides reactive sites for dye fixation and produces cationic coagulant.


The reaction of SHUBH CATMONO-1889 with select natural and synthetic polymers results in cationically charged polymers. It is this interaction between the positively charged nitrogen and the many negatively charged materials that make SHUBH CATMONO-1889 modified products suitable as dry strength additives for paper, retention aids, flocculants, electroconductive resins, asphalt emulsifiers, emollients and various surfactant applications.

Introducing SHUBH CATMONO-1889 into polymeric systems imparts three important characteristics:

1.  Increased Cationic Polarity: Cationic groups improve adhesion to polar substrates.

2.  Increased Affinity for Anionic Materials: Polymers modified with SHUBH CATMONO-1889have pendant cationic groups and will associate with materials containing negative counter ions, such as carboxyl, sulfonate, and many other negatively charged substrates.

3.  Increased Hygroscopicity: Polymers with cationic groups display increased water solubility as a result of the highly water soluble quaternary ammonium group. Polymers generally not soluble with water can thus be given some degree of water solubility.

Product Properties

SHUBH CATMONO-1889 is an aqueous solution of N-(3-chloro-2-hydroxypropyl) trimethylammonium chloride. The reaction of SHUBH CATMONO-1889 with select natural and synthetic polymers results in a cationically charged polymer.



ITEM AND CONDITION            LIMIT             UNIT


Active Solids                 69.0-70.0         %

Dichloropropanol              20 Max            ppm

Epichlorohydrin               5 Max             ppm

Color, Pt-Co                  80 Max            ASTM









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